5 street artists from China

Little mentioned in the world of Street Art, China has nothing to envy world artists, particularly on the side of Hong Kong. Now known for its attraction to urban art, Hong Kong is nicknamed “the rising star of street art”, thanks in particular to the HK Walls festival or thanks to the Soho district, full of frescoes by local and international artists. Superposition presents here 5 artists from urban art in China.

Da Least, supernatural animals

As he likes to point out, Da Least is “Currently a human being”. This artist from China maintains the mystery around his character and his identity. His real name is unknown to the general public, as is his face.

Fresque de Da Least (originaire de Chine) à Boras, Suisse
Measure the Immeasurableness — Boras, Sweden — 2015 © Da Least

Spiritual and cultured, this Chinese artist born in 1984 makes a point of giving meaning to his works by making them interact with the space in which they are found. From his earliest childhood Da Least creates and invents all kinds of characters, which have now become the basis of his work.

Believing in reincarnation, his work is mainly oriented towards the representation of animals, which he considers essential to the functioning of our planet. He paints them, most often alone or in pairs, in full motion: birds with wide open wings, beasts soaring or galloping horses.

Fresque de Da Least (Chine) Vienna Austria
Vienna, Austria — 2013 © Da Least

Zoie Lam, a rich and colorful imaginary world

Based in Hong Kong and creator of the imaginary planet Zlism, she details a world of positive energies and many inhabitants. She shares her ideas on different societal phenomena in China in very colorful and Pop tones.

The characters in his drawings are all visually quirky and eccentric, but in his eyes they are generous and empathetic people. One way for her to mean that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, to get rid of the preconceived idea that we have “different” people. His work aims to make people realize that we are used to disguising ourselves to adapt to social norms.

Bao Ho, landscapes populated by creatures

A self-taught artist born and based in Hong Kong, Bao mainly practices murals and illustration, often in ink. She began her career in 2015 and has since collaborated with many structures, bringing her to projects all over the world. Perhaps you have had the chance to admire his work near you!

Bao has a distinctive style: an art – sometimes monochrome – populated by very expressive characters including human bodies, animals, flowers and patterns. His large-scale murals transform into other forms, turning into cityscapes, both concrete and fantastic.

Wong Ting Fung, calligraphy and animals in black and white

Both designer, illustrator and artist, Wong Ting Fung is originally from Hong Kong. As an artist, his work is based on his thoughts and inspired by the culture and life around him. Including black and white animals with a pencil effect, writings and human bodies, his compositions vary greatly from one work to another.

His works portray things from a different perspective; in search of the contradictions of man, life and society. The result is generally very surreal and ironic, with attention to detail.

Recently his work has turned more and more towards calligraphy and abstraction, marrying the supports used with ease.

Alex Croft, an iconic Hong Kong mural

Born in England, having grown up in Sai Kung and based in Hong Kong since he was 12, Alex Croft is the author of one of Hong Kong’s most famous works, a fresco of a thousand apartments, in tribute to this city that he loves so much.

Every day, thousands of people flock to the corner of Graham Street and Hollywood Road to take photos in front of this mural of a row of old Hong Kong buildings. Each apartment has its own character, no windows are alike, and this seems to make tourists happy.

Alex Croft, photography ©mskitlang.com

With a keen interest in graffiti and street art, Alex Croft enjoys working with spray paint while working with stencils and brushes. This fresco was stenciled in front of the astonished eyes of passers-by.

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