European Heritage Days at Fort Superposition – Lyon

European Heritage Days at Fort Superposition – Lyon

You’ve been waiting for it for a long time! The Superposition association is once again opening the wings of Fort Superposition in Lyon for the 37th edition of the European Heritage Days (EJP) on September 19 and 20.

Before leaving for new horizons, the team and the resident artists invite you one last time to the heart of the Fort for an unusual visit! The opportunity to immerse yourself in the urban arts, to discover the artists and to visit this building full of history.
Zoom on the program of this weekend rich in discoveries!

Mani at work – © Jeanne Bonnin

Enchanting heritage through art – European Heritage Days

The European Heritage Days, both cultural and festive, will be an opportunity for everyone to celebrate more intensely than ever the beauty and richness of our national heritage. Thanks to the theme of this 37th edition [Heritage and education], French people of all ages will also be invited to remember both the importance of education in the transmission of heritage and the essential role of heritage in the education.

Source: press release from the Ministry of Culture

The tone for this 37th edition is set! Superposition is happy to bring its stone to the building a second time and to allow as many people as possible to explore the richness of our heritage through art.
Emblematic monuments, historic gardens, or even religious buildings, so many places that you can explore during a marathon weekend.

Among the latter is the Fort Superposition, formerly the Saint Laurent bastion that Superposition has been investing since mid-June.
Temporarily become a place of residence and artistic life, the Fort Superposition welcomes around forty artists in residence. During these 14 months of occupation, graffiti artists, street artists, illustrators, painters and even sculptors have been able to give life to the place.

The fruit of the effervescence of several months of residency, the artists of the Fort had carte blanche to rethink the interiors of the building on these 4 floors. The walls are intoxicated with colors, shapes and lines highlight the beauty of the place and collaborations between artists give birth to new mural works.

The festivities kick off on Saturday September 19 at 10 a.m. and ends Sunday September 20 at 10 p.m.

A big thank you to our partners for their support for this event: Le Géant des Beaux Arts, Ninkasi and Pizza Hut.

In the program

• Artistic course with more than twenty new frescoes created by the residents of the Fort on 4 levels

• Visit to workshops of resident artists and immersion in their worlds

• Participatory workshops with the Grabuge and Archiland collectives: introduction to screen printing and creation of models

• Last weekend to visit the exhibition “When I met boredom” by Bouda and Miette in the art gallery space

• Historical exhibition on the site and Photo Gallery of Superposition

• A sound and visual bath with Pasithée, to make the bowels of the fort resonate. (2 days of dj set, live concert, video installations as well as a scenography suggesting listening and immersion). All the programming here

• Outdoor bar / terrace / food truck area and indoor coffee area

• Relaxation area in the garden designed by the Empreinte Verte association

• Ciguë thrift store

Journées Européennes du Patrimoine
On the left fresco by @mytotaslife, on the right by @etusart – © Lionel Rault

Escape one last time to the Fort on these 4 floors of urban art

Do not judge on appearance ! Peaceful on the outside, the interior of the Fort has been in full artistic effervescence since the beginning of summer! The association gave carte blanche to the resident artists to rethink the 4 floors of the place. The interior walls are drunk with colors, shapes and lines highlight the beauty of the place and collaborations between artists give birth to new murals.

Around twenty new frescoes have emerged in the four corners of the building, transfiguring it a new (and last) time. This edition of the JEP brings together masterpieces, frescoes several meters high, metamorphosed ceilings as well as volume structures. In short, an edition marked by the profusion of details, technicality and creativity, which we can’t wait to present to you!

Photographies © Jeanne Bonnin

Meet the resident artists

Throughout the artistic journey, you will be able to appreciate the technicality of each talent, ranging from graffiti to painting, including collage and sculpture. The bonus? During your visit, you will be able to meet them in their workshop and immerse yourself behind the scenes of the creative process.


ARCHILAND (collectif d’architecture) / ARTY MORI (peinture) / AZED (peinture, graff) / BAMBI BAKBI (graff) / BONTÉ (graff, peinture) BOUDA (graff) / CAMILLE TRN (Collage) / CARINE FIGUERAS (peinture sur tenture) / COLLECTIF GRABUGE (Design Global) / DANO MASALA (peinture) / ETUS (peinture) / EMILE LONDEROP (graphiste) / EMPREINTES VERTES (végétalisation urbaine) / FLOE (graff, peinture) / FLORENCE (sculpture, bijoux) / FLORINA ALEDO-PEREZ (peinture) / GASPARD MARIOTTE (peinture) / GIB LA MANUFACTURE (Peinture, skateart)

JEAN-LOUIS SIMERAY (peinture) / LAURANE DECOMBE (photographie) / LILI (illustration) / LIONEL RAULT (photographie) / LINE (meuble et illustration) / LOODZ (graff) / LORAINE MTI (peinture, illustration) / MANI (dessin, peinture) / MIETTE (peinture) / OMARKER (graff, tatouage) / PASSÉ SAUVAGE (archéologie) / POTER (graff, peinture) / PTERA (Studio design) / R54 (graff) / RYO YAMADA (illustration) / SEVERINE DIETRICH (Peinture) / SHAB (graff) / SPHINX (peinture, graff) / SPIRALE (peinture, graff) /  TANG (sculpture, peinture) / TREPID (peinture) / UGLY LOSER (Tatouage, graff) / VINCENT LECLERE (peinture, graff) / WEBER & BERTHOU (peintres en lettre) / ZORM (sculpture)

Guests : TAREK (illustration, graffeur)

Etus on the first floor of the Fort, acrylic painting – © Jeanne Bonnin
Tarek at work in the basement, spray paint – © Lionel Rault

Dive into Bouda x Miette’s youth album

In a world where life has been put on hold, where time becomes a sizable enemy and the future uncertain, the artists Bouda and Miette confide in an intimate exhibition.

The JEP will be the occasion for you to appreciate one last time the vibrant duo-show “When I met boredom” by the duo Bouda and Miette before dropping out of the Gallery.

Their exhibition “When I met boredom” features the meeting of two characters in a universe between reality and fiction. This talented duo present to you a collection of works produced during their last months of residence at the Fort and during confinement. An intimate and sincere vision of their universe in which everyone is invited to stroll and recall their childhood memories.

Bouda and Miette in their workshop – © Lionel Rault

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