The portraits, murals and women of Florina Aledo-Perez

The portraits, murals and women of Florina Aledo-Perez

Photograph © Lionel Rault

Having started in painting at the age of 15, Florina Aledo-Perez continues to create and refine her visual framework. During the time of the very resounding #MeToo movement, the artist became artistically engaged in the struggle for female emancipation. Following this mix of varied influences ranging from American Pop Art to Japanese painting, the artist creates canvases and murals to highlight the beauty of all women. To discover his work, head to his exhibition “Beyond the cards” visible at Fort Superposition in Lyon

Generation Kahlo, a series of portraits that are both sensitive and powerful

“The woman does not exist, but there are women. Not a single woman can represent the woman, to put it all, it would take all the women ”. The introduction to the music video “Five Minutes” by the group Her describes Florina Aledo-Perez’s approach perfectly. For several years, she has been making a series of female portraits, entitled “Generation Kahlo”. Deeply inspired by the story of Frida Kahlo, it features heroines from all over the world, different, strong and inspiring.

Anastassia Kahlo from Belarus, Tea Kahlo from Bosnia, Vittoria Kahlo from Italy … Each portrait of Florina Aledo-Perez aims to crown the impressive variety of women around the world. “First, there is the look. The first look. The pose, the line of the face, the mouth. This is where the love story begins. ” With lots of passion for her characters, she follows her artistic “slogan”, revealing the suffering, love, beauty and freedom of these fighters.

Mural frescoes, flowers of evil and women of good, in-situ and ex-situ

The murals made by street artists breathe new life into interior spaces as well as exterior spaces. It is an alchemy that can be seen in particular in street-art galleries. By creating a fascinating atmosphere, such creations not only improve the daily well-being of residents but also develop the visual fabric of the artists. Florina Aledo-Perez is one of the painters who take advantage of collaborative projects to experiment. She began her first murals at the Fort and showed her current mastery of this art in her exhibition.

Among the artist’s acrylic creations, we can first mention the Fort Superposition, where she currently holds a residence. You were able to discover some of its frescoes during the European Heritage Days. Surrounded by floral motifs, the feminine silhouettes with fine lines and bright colors are transformed into real works of art. Florina Aledo-Perez’s frescoes are part of her artistic approach: “irresistible, invincible and unconditional love” for the figure of women. Outside our walls, the frescoes by Florina Aledo-Perez embellish the Augusterie and the Maison des Arts des Versants d´Aime. We wish the artist to never stop expanding this list!

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