Coming out of confinement, Théo Haggaï dreams that “humanity has regained its solidarity”

Coming out of confinement, Théo Haggaï dreams that “humanity has regained its solidarity”

The confinement in particular and the current alarming situation in general have upset the large artistic community. It is for this and in order to be patient during confinement until the next painting session, that some artists let themselves be carried away by their imagination and their dreams. Théo Haggaï undoubtedly belongs to this camp. Grown up in Aix-en-Provence, he made a name for himself in Lyon and then in Paris, by embellishing the walls of urban areas with his humanist frescoes, physical as well as virtual.

The artist’s visual framework stands out for its influences from 1980s New York writers such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and especially Keith Haring. This tribute is expressed not only in the minimalist style of the graffiti, in the use of chalk in the realization of an ephemeral work, but also in the staging of universal values. With his monochrome works, Théo Haggaï illustrates the world in which solidarity, tolerance and benevolence mix. So a subject that takes on even more meaning at a time when the health and social crisis is raging around the world.

Limited in his movements, the artist is not in his artistic choices

Containment was a good opportunity to challenge ourselves. So the artist set about making freestyle illustrations and monumental frescoes virtually. Théo Haggaï had the opportunity to play with his usual visual framework thanks to these works. With the more experienced shapes and colors, he managed to create several designs marked by black humor on the consumer society. Has the artist managed to find new avenues for the development of his monochrome universe?

Going from the streets of Mexico City to those of Buenos Aires, it is in the four corners of the world that titanic frescoes have flourished. Digitally sketched dreams allowed Théo Haggaï to rethink the city. In parallel with his virtual creations, he continued to make collages, which were then installed in the streets of Paris. This gesture proves that urban art continues to flourish despite the social problems of today.

Sensitive to social problems, the artist participates in solidarity actions

Théo Haggaï has always approached the problems of contemporary society in his art. Thus, its participation in the “Re-Naissances” action was obvious. Initiated by the association “Secours populaire”, this solidarity project offers artists the opportunity to make prints for sale on the Instagram of the organization “Art’Murs”. Then the artist donates half of the profits to “Secours populaire”, as the artist Shab also did.

Finally by applying his refined features, the author of the concept “Human Moon Constellation” created a small comic strip symbolizing the solidarity of humanity which further consolidates his image as a committed artist. Will this optimistic vision become a reality in the world of tomorrow? Will the latter be unifying for the world population as Théo Haggaï would like? In any case, this hope of a talented successor to Keith Haring will certainly prolong the fever of humanist art.

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