Trépid Matzy: an artist in constant experimentation

Trépid Matzy: an artist in constant experimentation

Passionate about drawing from a young age, Trépid is a Lyon artist who skillfully masters classical drawing as well as experimental drawing. Monumental painting (urban art) as much as painting in small formats. Thanks to his training at the Émile Cohl school, he has a wide range of techniques allowing in-depth research into colors and shapes in his creations.

Portrait of a woman, gouache and pencil on half-tone paper, 2019

Without any stylistic barrier, Trépid puts his know-how into practice in various mediums. From portraits of women in gouache on paper to frescoes in spray paint on walls, he meticulously constructs each of his works. Even if the latter are quite heterogeneous, they still stand out with their very personal touch and their original composition.

Portrait of a woman, oil on canvas, 2018

In parallel with multiple portraits, landscapes and still-lifes commissioned by private individuals, this muralist painter has also carried out collaborations with certain large companies and institutions. A notable example: a fresco on the Enedis transformer station in Gueugnon. At the entrance to this Burgundy town, Trépid produced a 260 m² painting with the participation of residents. Such a synergy of effort contributed to an intense and positive feedback on the artist’s work before, during and after the conception of this fresco.

Fresco on an Enedis transformer station in Gueugnon, 2020

Influenced by classical painters like Claude Monet and Joaquín Sorolla as much as by contemporary artists like Aryz and Manolo Mesa, Trépid creates a surrealist universe with many facets. This resident of the Fort combines academic background and the desire to create figurative works that fascinate by the meticulous choice of lines and colors. You were able to discover it in particular during the collective exhibition of the European Heritage Days in Lyon.

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